Welcome Dog Lovers!

If you’re reading this then chances are you need help with one or more of your dog’s behavioural issues.  Or maybe you’re just curious about dog behaviour, or perhaps you’re preparing for your first ever puppy or dog and are looking for tips to make the experience go as smoothly as possible.


How are you communicating with your Dog?

Most of you will be successfully practising obedience training but may feel there is something else that you could be doing to help with your dog’s behaviour.

Whatever the issue, if you begin by brushing up on your leadership skills and learning some Back to Basics principles behind The STOP WAIT LISTEN Rule, it is possible that over time, as you develop and improve your relationship with your dog, many things will naturally begin to fall into place without having to work on too many specific problems or issues.

For more urgent or extreme cases of difficult behavioural problems it will take longer and involve time and effort to change the way you have done things in the past. As you learn the Back to Basics principles you will realise that it’s not all about “How” you are communicating with your dog, but also “What” you are communicating to your dog….  To give one example: too much friendly chit-chat towards our dogs at the wrong time will only make them feel too excited which in turn makes them tense which can make them unsociable and protective of you so they bark loudly, lunge forwards or even bite whatever gets too close to you.

In my experience, success comes to those of you who have an open mind and are willing to learn how to change the way you do things, the way you think about your dog, and how you feel around your dog when s/he is misbehaving or experiencing difficulties.

It is important to recognise that as well as being a loving companion and family member, your dog is an animal first and you must fulfil his needs as a dog for him to be happy. The way in which dogs “think” and “process their feelings” is entirely different to the human psychology we use between ourselves.

Learning dog psychology and understanding your dog’s behaviour is not about harsh consequences or restricting how much love you share with your dog. It is about having structure in everyday activities, visualising and knowing a good end result when wanting to change a behaviour, and getting things in the right order in the way your dog will understand.  And most importantly, it’s not about giving yourself a hard time for not being able to cope or not knowing how to handle any difficult situation you find yourself in.  It’s about having more information on the different ways of doing things and how to effectively bring about change – a change in you, a change in your dog.


Once you’ve recognised there’s something
that has to change – let’s get started!!



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