Let’s Get Back to Basics

CAUTION: You must take full responsibility if you attempt any new strategies on your own without proper guidance from a professional. See Disclaimer below.

How you and your chosen professional work together will depend on your dog’s issues. As and when the time is right, you can be specific with each behavioural problem you have and tackle each issue as you feel ready.

Whatever the issue you can begin by learning some Back to Basics principles to help you practice more effectively The STOP WAIT LISTEN Rule in all situations and for all activities on a daily basis.

Applying certain principles when using this Rule can provide more structure in your everyday routines and will definitely help towards improving your relationship with your dog. Make this the first step of your Step-by-Step plan for change and you will feel better equipped and more than ready to go on to the next steps on learning how to tackle the more specific problems and issues you are wanting to change.

Over time it is entirely possible that you will begin to experience the ripple effect!!  In other words, working on the bigger picture can help resolve a multitude of problems because your approach to all of them is exactly the same and your dog will soon recognise that as well as being their best friend you are also a consistently good friendly leader who has the well earned top position in the pack!



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