Learn How to Visualise a Good Result and
How to Achieve it


To help you focus on a positive end result when changing a misbehaviour or helping with any difficulty your dog experiences, it will be helpful to learn how to create a picture, or a movie, in your mind on what things ought to look like for the best outcome.

Some helpful hints for your plan to be effective are:

  • Know what the ‘Lesson Plan’ is from start to finish. Understand exactly what you are teaching and help your dog to learn what is expected of them in any exercise or situation.
  • Use appropriate body language and energy to convey the correct message to your dog.  The way you stand and move can show how relaxed and confident you feel.
  • Pay more attention to yourself as you focus on your goal and avoid feeling tense and hesitant while focusing too much on your dog’s misbehaviours.
  • Position yourself correctly in relation to your dog in any exercise or situation, e.g. in front of them especially if you need to distract them, and know what distance to ask your dog to give you when you need them to focus on you to wait for instructions.
  • Know when it’s best to use hand signals, verbal commands, training aids or to stay silent when communicating with your dog.
  • Know the best time for if, when and how to give praise, affection or a treat for a positive response from your dog.
  • Read your dog’s body language to know if it’s OK to keep going with the ‘lesson’ you are teaching. Sometimes you will need to stop for him to relax before continuing, or go back a step or two, or start the exercise again.  You may even have to begin again at another time when you feel more comfortable and less frustrated.


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