My Dog Doesn’t Like People

If your dog reacts nervously, negatively or aggressively towards people you can change this over time.  The most common underlying issue with this problem is that your dog is simply overwhelmed by the needs of people to reach down and pet them or talk to them when they’re really not ready for it.  If a person enters into the personal space of a dog who finds this intimidating or frightening then that person is asking for trouble.

It is best to instruct your visitors, family, friends and neighbours to leave your dog alone by not touching them, looking at them, or talking to them. If your dog is going to feel comfortable they will want to sniff the person and get all the information they need about them, but your dog must still be left completely alone without any pressure being placed on them. When some dogs have built up the courage to sniff people, this may still not be an invitation for people to pet them, as they may not be ready for any interaction yet.

Your dog is trying to show you how uncomfortable they feel by fleeing and hiding, barking, biting or nipping, showing of teeth or growling, but these signs get completely ignored by people who think that all dogs want to be greeted and touched. By showing your dog that they can be calmly by your side as you speak with people, and as they learn that they are not going to be spoken to, looked at or touched, they will begin to trust people.  Some dogs may need to be on a lead to help them get over their fear, this way you help them to be confident and learn a new way to deal with things rather than runaway from the situation, and depending on the behaviour some may need a firm one-time effective correction to show that you disagree with the way they are treating your friends.

A step-by-step plan tailored to your dog’s behaviour will be the solution for this issue.












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