When to Use the Stop Wait Listen Rule?


Back to Basics:
For more structure and less chaos, always use this Rule and practice the Back to Basics principles as the first step in all situations and for all activities, a few examples of which are listed below:
  • Before Eating
  • Before Greeting Visitors
  • Before Play
  • Before Having a Toy
  • Before Going out to Toilet
  • Before Putting on a Collar or Lead
  • Before Settling as you leave to go out
  • Before Going into or Coming out of the Crate
  • Before Hugs and Kisses!

  • Before A Treat
  • Before Greeting Dogs
  • Before Running off Lead
  • Before Leaving or Entering the House
  • Before Getting Into or Out Of the Car
  • Before a Walk
  • Before Going Upstairs
  • Before Joining you on the Sofa (if allowed)

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